myStandLeads is the perfect mobile tool for collecting and evaluating new contacts. myStandLeads has been perfected for sales teams working at trade fairs, events, congresses, promotions or simply for daily sales work.

Once it is installed, you can enter any contacts you collect at trade fairs, events or as a sales team in general. All information, be it from a business card or a direct entry, is logged and your contact becomes a high-quality lead. If you want to share your contacts with colleagues or partners, you can create a team and exchange lots of new contacts. Managing your leads is simple, compliant with data protection regulations and has many smart features.

myStandLeads is for anyone who meets lots of potential business partners and clients at trade fairs, events, conferences and receptions and wants to record their contacts quickly and systematically. myStandLeads helps with contact creation, synchronisation, and personal or team contact management for use in further sales activities. That is why myStandLeads is perfectly suited for working in larger sales teams.

myStandLeads differs from similar products in the following ways:
  • more intuitive, easier, and requires no training
  • appealing design, visual data
  • quick start (you can begin immediately)
  • compliant with the strict German data protection regulations (GDPR)
  • always secures and encrypts your data
  • ability to edit numerous events simultaneously with different teams
  • usable anywhere in the world (regardless of trade fair location and organiser)
  • benchmarking for teams
  • app is adaptable to your Corporate Design
  • perfect for the simultaneous work with large teams
  • available for iOS and Android devices, as well as for all operating systems using web browsers
  • flexible export interface for all CRM systems

The myStandLeads app works on all iOS and Android mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Furthermore, myStandLeads can be used on all notebooks, desktop computers and tablets with Mac, Windows, iOS, or Android operating systems if using a web browser.

Yes, myStandLeads can be used for all kinds of events. Whether at trade fairs, customer events, conferences, public events, training courses or for promotions - myStandLeads is the ideal tool for collecting new contacts in a team. Our solution has proven itself effective even for the daily work of sales teams. You can create as many projects or events as you like and work with different teams at the same time; worldwide, regardless of venue and organiser. The size of your teams and the number of events is unlimited.

The myStandLeads app is a permanent free service from mp, the most innovative stand construction company on the German market. (more) MyStandLeads guarantees you the full range of functions for an unlimited time:

  • unlimited events
  • unlimited number of recordable leads
  • unlimited number of questionnaires, photos, sketches
  • unlimited number of documents
  • free telephone and e-mail support

The app is 100 % free of advertising!

Although myStandLeads requires an active internet connection to work effectively in a team, the app also works offline. You can continue to scan leads and fully edit them in the event of connectivity problems and offline. The data gets saved in the app and will be backed up to the cloud as soon as you are connected to the internet again.

Yes, you can customise the myStandLeads app to your corporate colours and brand it with your logo by creating an individualised start screen for the app. The mail templates for sending documents from the app can also be customised with your logo.

myStandLeads is distinguished by the fact that you can start working immediately after registering and downloading the app. You don't need training, and you don't have to go through a complicated activation process. Start working with myStandLeads now -> START


Register on this website with your e-mail address and a password. You will then immediately receive an e-mail with the information needed to access your personal user account.


In your web user account, create your first project and specify a time period for this project. This can be a trade fair, an event or any other project. You will immediately receive an event code for this project by e-mail with which you can activate the myStandLeads app.


Download the myStandLeads app and enter the event code of your first event. Now you and any number of colleagues can enter and edit any number of leads for your project with any number of devices.

To use myStandLeads, you and your team only need one user account. This user account allows you to work on any number of events and projects, with any number of devices and team members. Once you have registered with your e-mail address, you will automatically receive access to your personal myStandLeads user account. You are now the administrator of your sales team, with sole access to the user account.

Colleagues and team members that you want to work with in myStandLeads do not need their own user account. All your team members need to do is download the myStandLeads app on their mobile devices and enter or scan the event code in the app.

To start working with myStandLeads, just create the first event in your user account and share the event code with your team members. Then they can use the app to create leads for the same event.

You will also need the user account to create new events, configure all settings for using the app and export your collected leads.

You need your personal myStandLeads user account to create your events and projects, manage and export your collected leads, as well as to make various settings and configurations using the app.

    The following actions, for example, can only be done from your account:
  • create new events/projects
  • export your leads
  • cerate Questionnaires
  • Set Up E-Mail Template for Document Dispatch
  • set up sketches and signature templates
  • create e-mail templates such as a 'thank you' e-mail

The event code (e.g. vGF5fdM) is required to work with an event in the app. You need to enter this code in the app or scan the event's QR code. Every event has one event code. This code can be used by your entire team. Any team member who enters or scans this code into the app can work in the same event. The event code for each individual event can be found in the user account in the event settings. You will also receive the code per e-mail after the creation of each new event.

To be able to work with other team members in the app or on your event, all you need to do is forward the event code for this event to the relevant team members. Then the team members have to enter the code in the app. You can access the code of your current event directly in the app (under Settings/Share event code). The code is displayed on your mobile phone as a QR code and can be scanned by your team member with the app. You can also send the event code to team members from the app as an SMS or e-mail.

myStandLeads allows you to work with multiple teams on one event, independently of each other. Leads and information from different teams are collected separately. As a marketing or sales manager, you always have a complete view of the overall result and can check this in real-time in the app.

The administrator is the person who registered and received access to the web user account via their e-mail address and password. The only way to create new events, make important configurations and export leads is in the user account.

You can easily and intuitively set up questionnaires and signature templates in your user account. To do so log in to your user account. Signature templates can for example, be used to obtain declarations of consent.

myStandLeads allows you to upload documents (product catalogues, datasheets, image brochures, thank you emails, etc.) to your user account and immediately send them from the app to your new leads. You can also include links to various web-content (websites, product videos, etc.). You can even create an individualised e-mail template with your company logo.

To work with the myStandLeads app, you have to create an event with your user account. It doesn't matter which time period you choose for the event. The time can be in either the past or in the future and can have any length. The event name and date can also be modified at any time. This has no effect on the app's functionality.

From your myStandLeads user account you can at any time conveniently export your collected leads and all related information. The formats CSV, Excel, VCF and PDF can be used to this end. This allows you to evaluate the data in existing standard software (e.g. Excel) and prepare it for import into your own CRM and ERP systems. We are happy to support you in setting up an interface for your specific CRM system.

MyStandLeads is a service from Messeprojekt GmbH, the most innovative trade fair construction company in Germany. The app was developed by myStandTechnology GmbH, a software company for trade fair applications that is a wholly owned subsidiary of mp. With the myStandLeads app, we provide a tool made by trade fair professionals supporting trade fair professionals. Because we are the ones knowing exactly what our customers need at their trade fair stand: a functioning and intuitive lead management system!

Our servers are hosted by the hosting specialist Connectline GmbH in Halle (Saale). This guarantees that your data is always in Germany and is consequently subject to the GDPR regulations of the European Union. myStandLeads uses SSL or TLS encryption for security reasons and to protect sensitive content such as orders or requests you send to us as the operator. An encrypted connection is indicated when the address line of the browser changes from "http://" to "https://" and by the lock symbol in your browser line. If SSL or TLS encryption is activated, the data you transmit to us cannot be read by third parties.

myStandLeads guarantees compliance with the strict European and German data protection guidelines and laws. The entire lead management software conforms to GDPR and has been tested by external auditors several times. Furthermore, myStandLeads gives you the opportunity to have your leads and contacts' approvals confirmed with a personal signature directly in the myStandLeads app - so you and your company are always working in compliance with the law!

Should you require individual support due to the size of your event, your sales team or for any other reason, we are happy to provide you with a contact person and project manager on an hourly or daily basis. We look forward to your contact request.